Flexible Mortuary Storage & Cooling Solutions

Flexmort designs and manufactures flexible mortuary solutions for the storage and cooling of the deceased.

Mortuary Storage & Cooling Solutions

Flexmort – Your Mortuary Partner

Flexmort's body storage and cooling solutions have revolutionised mobile storage, allowing the deceased to be cooled with dignity and without the need for large traditional mortuary refrigerators.

Some of our body storage and cooling systems are so portable that they can be carried by one person and bodies can be cooled simply on a bed or trolley.

Our compliance systems are designed to increase security in funeral homes, by providing an extra layer of security and protection for the funeral home and its staff.

Body Storage Systems

AirCool pop up mortuary storage

Temporary and Permanent Body Storage Systems

Mortuary Storage

Body Cooling Systems

CuddleBlanket cooling blanket for bariatric bodies on hospital bed

Light, Mobile and Versatile Body Cooling Systems

CuddleCot & CuddleBlanket

Transport & Sanitation

Body Transport and Sanitation. Mortuary Patient Trolleys in use in hospitals

Innovative Body Transport and Sanitation Accessories

Trollies & Handling Aids

Compliance Systems

Access by Flexmort

The best access protection for funeral homes

Access by Flexmort

🇬🇧 We supply our mortuary storage and cooling products worldwide, from the UK to the USA, and anywhere in between. 🇺🇸

We offer both purchase and rental options for our body storage, cooling, and transportation systems.

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Why Choose Flexmort?

Award-winning Flexmort is focused on innovation within the mortuary environment and the development of products that assist in the care of the deceased.

Our roots lie with the University of Warwick Science Park, which has been one of Europe's premier science parks for over 30 years.

We assist hospitals, funeral directors, hospices, governments and charities around the world in the design and deployment of both temporary and permanent mortuary systems.

We strongly believe in excellent customer care and have worked closely with many of our customers in order to develop products to fit their specific needs.

Flexmort - Your Mortuary Partner

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Flexmort Testimonials

Mortuary Manager

Royal Berkshire NHS Hospital

At our hospital, we have numerous Flexmort systems installed, including the ColdSpace thermal curtain, AirCool12, CuddleCot, BlueBoard, etc. Flexmort's systems have been of considerable benefit to our mortuary and the service from Flexmort has always been outstanding.

Lodge Brothers

Funeral Directors, London

The AirCool12 is perfect for us during busy periods to set up and provides us with additional body storage. Furthermore, with the increase in obese bodies, the obese frame means the system can be transformed into a large space in order to cool obese bodies which ordinarily would not fit into our refrigerators.

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