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Designing and Manufacturing Flexible Mortuary Storage and Cooling Solutions

Flexmort is a trading name of Roftek Ltd and our roots lie with Warwick University Science Park which for almost 30 years has been one of Europe’s premier science parks. Roftek’s mortuary division, Flexmort, designs and manufactures flexible mortuary solutions for the storage and cooling of the deceased.

Cadseal body bag containing mannequin and being heat sealed

Flexmort’s storage systems have revolutionised mobile body storage allowing the deceased to be cooled with dignity and without the need for large traditional mortuary refrigerators.

Our mobile body cooling solutions include cooling a single deceased person on a bed or trolley with a cooling blanket, cooling a deceased neonatal in a cooling cot as well as providing large mobile mass fatality mortuary systems.

In 2016, Roftek Ltd won the prestigious “Queen’s Award for Enterprise Innovation” and in 2015, the “Excellence in Innovation Award” at the Birmingham Chambers of Commerce. We also won the 2013 “Big Ideas Business Award” at The University of Warwick for innovation.

Our Customers

We assist hospitals, funeral directors, hospices, governments and charities around the world in the design and deployment of both temporary and permanent mortuary systems.

We strongly believe in excellent customer care and have worked closely with many of our customers in order to develop products to fit their specific needs.

CuddleBlanket cooling blanket on three coffins

Meet the Team

Kevin, member of the Flexmort team

Kevin Crute: General Manager

Kevin joined the Flexmort team in November 2021 and has extensive executive level leadership experience in non-profit and commercial organisations across retail, pharmacy, healthcare and the funeral profession.

Steve, member of the Flexmort team

Steve Huggins: Commercial Director

Steve brings a wealth of experience across various fields including PPE, CBRN and mass fatality. Steve is very customer focused and has been key to driving growth both within the UK and with overseas customers.

Mark, member of the Flexmort team

Mark Rose: Technical Manager

Mark’s passion for cars led him to spending 27 years in the motor trade where he picked up a wealth of experience. Mark has been involved in developing many of the Flexmort products, as well as providing excellent service support to customers.

Ryan, member of the Flexmort team

Ryan Jones: Business Administrator

Ryan joined the Flexmort team in January 2020. Ryan graduated from The University of the West of England where he spent 4 years studying Accounting and Finance.

Becky Cole: Sales Administrator

Becky joined the Flexmort team in May 2021 to support the sales and accounting departments. Becky has many years of experience within the NHS environment. 

Simon Riese: Logistics Coordinator

Simon joined the Flexmort team in summer 2017, bringing with him a wealth of knowledge in the exporting and importing of goods, both internationally and nationally.

Mark Pritchard: Service Coordinator

Mark joined the Flexmort team in June 2021 to look after our customer servicing needs for the CuddleCot, CuddleBlanket and AirCool mortuary solutions.

Ben Jones: Service Technician

Ben joined the Flexmort team in June 2021. Ben is responsible for the servicing of CuddleBlanket and CuddleCot, along with the delivery, collection and installation of AirCool.

Simon Rothwell: Consultant

Simon created the Flexmort company in 2010. Simon has a background in PPE and CBRN, particularly in the decontamination shower system as well as emergency shelter and structure area.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

I would like to thank you and your colleagues on the fantastic service that you gave to us when we were in desperate need of a CoverCool Mini,  nothing was too much trouble. The friendly “can do” attitude meant so much to us and the help and advice helped us to manage the equipment easily and without complication. The Flexmort is compact and mobile and fortunately for us nurses really easy to put together! It absolutely did the job we purchased it for, was unobtrusive and allowed us to let relatives say a proper unhurried goodbye to their loved one. Great product.  

Penny Turner, Lead Nurse for Clinical Quality and Practice Development, Earl Mountbatten Hospice, Isle Of Wight

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