Access by Flexmort

Flexmort Access solution for Funeral homes

Since the start of the Fuller inquiry, we have been using our knowledge and experience to resolve many of the challenges that the industry faces.

The most pressing industry issues are around 'access', so we can finally let you know that we have launched the Access by Flexmort system which provides a resolution to the main issues raised.

Access by Flexmort

The highly secure and innovative solution was developed to meet the challenges currently being reviewed as part of the Fuller Inquiry.

So what does it do?

Our Access by Flexmort solution provides a highly secure method to secure doors, gates and sensitive areas within the funeral home.

Critically it is easy to deploy and very simple to use. Importantly it is also inexpensive, and a more secure option than the traditional card, pin code or QR code-based readers.

Access by Flexmort allows registered users to access and exit secured doors simply by scanning a Smart Tile with their mobile phone or tablet.

All this secure data is recorded in real-time with individuals, time and location stamps available on an encrypted cloud-based platform.

Our authentication system also confirms that the user has authorisation to enter with the specific mobile device and specific location.

Access by Flexmort stops credential sharing, a problem that funeral homes and hospitals have experienced with traditional solutions, whilst delivering an easy-to-use experience.

Access by Flexmort

The key benefits of using Access by Flexmort

  • Simple to implement, easy to use, error-free and secure.
  • Accurately records time and location stamps of users at entry and exit of each secured door.
  • A secure cloud-based platform that allows your database to be managed centrally and accessed across almost unlimited sites.
  • Eradicates security issues associated with credential sharing and reduces reliance on keys and security.
  • Highly cost-effective versus PIN, card, QR code or RFID access control systems and traditional manual systems.
  • Reduces hardware cost and maintenance.
  • Provides a highly secure, full integration with existing access and exit control and Video Management Systems.

Please contact Steve Huggins 07411 525662 or Kevin Crute 07888 376552 to understand more about how we can help you now to safeguard the deceased people in your care.