AirCool Pop Up Storage

Store and Cool Bodies with the Mobile and Demountable AirCool Pop-Up Storage

AirCool is a mobile storage system which acts as a pop-up mortuary and is highly portable. The mobile mortuary is fast to set up and used for additional body storage.

Used at mass fatality sites and hospitals, and by funeral directors, AirCool is designed for ease of use and compatible with all mortuary trolleys.


AirCool Pop Up Storage


The AirCool mobile mortuary is used for numerous reasons, such as hospital mortuaries over busy periods, temporary body storage during new mortuary installations, extra capacity for funeral directors and mass fatality mortuary storage. The AirCool unit can be purchased or rented, and various internal racking options are available.

The AirCool insulating material is the lightest and most thermally efficient of its type. This allows the mobile mortuary to remain cool in the most demanding environments. The refrigeration cooling unit is on wheels and the whole mobile body storage system can be quickly erected and dismantled in a very short space of time.

Large Temporary Storage

The AirCool pop-up mortuary storage is available in multiples of 4 (i.e. AirCool 4, AirCool 8, AirCool 12, AirCool 16, AirCool 24). This can provide mobile mortuary storage for a higher number of deceased.

It is also worth noting that although it is described as a temporary mortuary, it can easily be used as long-term mortuary refrigeration.

We also supply a range of cooling systems so that the AirCool meets the specific demands of the environment. The AirCool Extreme allows the AirCool system to operate at 5°C even in temperatures up to 40°C.

AirCool large temporary mortuary storage
AirCool temporary mortuary storage in use by military

Special Requirements

We can work with you if you have any special requirements. We have recently worked with the MOD field hospitals and designed a system large enough to hold the deceased with full-body armour. This model has a NATO number 9930-99-671-2467.

We can also supply a bariatric version with sturdy free-standing racking using stainless steel trays. This is supplied with our standard insulation and free-standing chiller.

Benefits of AirCool

  • Instant cold room for the storage of
  • Fast to set up and easy to move, extend or remove to store
  • Includes Flexmort's portable body storage racking and high-density body boards with straps
  • Large clear A4 pocket wallets for deceased identification documents
  • Bottom rack raised from the floor to enable the use of mortuary trolleys
  • Insulation compliant with applicable fire regulations
Service, Repairs and Maintenance. Servicing AirCool

Servicing AirCool

We are pleased to offer service and support options for the AirCool pop-up storage. We want to help you get the most out of this important resource and ensure your AirCool always remains ready for use when you need it.

We offer services carried out by accredited refrigeration engineers experienced in the AirCool system.

  • Planned preventative maintenance
  • Reactive maintenance, repairs and breakdowns
  • Extended warranty and PPM plans available
  • Discounts available for multi-year plans



Lyn Anderson

Watford General Hospital

We have a range of Flexmort equipment and opted for Flexmort's Aircool system as it is easy to assemble, has large A4 pockets to hold body identification documents and fully rollered racking.

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