Body Transport and Sanitation

Innovative Body Transport and Sanitation Accessories

Our innovative body transport and sanitation systems allow you to easily and safely move bodies. This range includes the BlueBoard, the CadSeal repatriation foil, the CadPad absorbent pad and more.

Body Transport and Sanitation. Mortuary Patient Trolleys in use in hospitals

In use within UK hospitals and hospices, mortuary patient trolleys can be used for transporting the deceased.

Mortuary Patient Trolley

Body Transport and Sanitation. Manual Handling Aid, the BlueBoard

Our innovative manual handling aids are the most effective and simple patient movement systems available.

Manual Handling Aids

Body Transport and Sanitation. CadSeal Repatriation Foil by Flexmort

CadSeal repatriation foil hermetically seals the deceased and is ideal for handling infected and decomposing bodies.

CadSeal Repatriation Foil

CadPad mortuary absorbent pad

CadPad is highly absorbent and can absorb a considerable amount of body fluids without dripping.

CadPad Absorbent Pad

Binny disposable sanitary bin in bathroom

Binny™ is a flat-packed disposable sanitary bin and is an inexpensive way to dispose of sanitary and personal waste.

Binny Disposable Sanitary Bin

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