CadPad Absorbent Pad

Absorb Body Fluids and Clean Spills with the CadPad Absorbent Pad

CadPad highly absorbent pads are specially designed for use by funeral directors, mortuaries, hospices and hospitals.

Perfect for absorbing fluids and cleaning up any other spills, the pads are highly absorbent and can absorb a considerable amount of body fluids.

CadPad Absorbent Pad

CadPad mortuary absorbent pad

Unlike traditional absorbent pads, the fluid is locked away inside the CadPad and does not leak or drip even under pressure. Furthermore, the core material used in CadPad is scientifically proven to reduce bacteria as the system removes the water that bacteria require to proliferate.

CadPad is perfect for absorbing body fluids or for cleaning up any other spills and can be used in a variety of situations including:

  • In a coffin or in Flexmort's CadSeal repatriation foil
  • Under the deceased on body trays or trolleys
  • General cleaning of spills
  • For use with contaminated remains

How Does CadPad Work?

CadPad absorbent pads contain a patented core with a matrix of cellulose fibres combined with polyacrylic superabsorbents to absorb and chemically retain aqueous fluid. The core is then encapsulated between outer layers. The cellulose acts as a wick to draw fluid to the polyacrylate where it is chemically bound into a gel, thus preventing re-wetting even under pressure.

CadPad Sizes

CadPad comes in two sizes 24cm x 36cm and 60cm x 90cm. The smaller pads can hold approximately 1.5 litres of body fluid and the larger 0.9 litres of fluid, which can increase depending on the water content of the fluid. The larger pads are usually placed under the deceased and the smaller pad is used at specific points on the body where leakage originates.

hand held CadPad mortuary absorbent pad


Martin Goddard

Mortuary Manager, Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital

We have a range of Flexmort equipment and opted for Flexmort's Aircool system as it is easy to assemble, has large A4 pockets to hold body identification documents and fully rollered racking.

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