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Body Bags & Repatriation Foil

Alternative to zinc lined coffins

Alternative to zinc lined coffins

CadSeal Bodybags

CadSeal seals the deceased in a special metal containment foil for repatriation but can also be used for hygienic sealing. CadSeal bodybags provide several benefits to those dealing with the deceased, from funeral directors, hospital/public mortuaries to those dealing with mass fatality incidents: View details  

TC Body Bag

TC bodybag This newest of technology in body bags is a translucent, self-sealing containment device for the deceased and of particularly use when the deceased has begun to deteriorate as the TC body bag seals the body eliminating these issues. View details Gas tight body bag

Gas Tight Body Bag

The Gas Tight Body Bag is designed to hold human remains, which may be contaminated by a wide variety of chemical substances, biological organisms, nuclear particulates or warfare agents, while providing protection to the personnel who handle it. View details

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