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Hermetically Seal and Transport Bodies with the CadSeal Repatriation Foil

Used by hospitals, funeral directors, military and local authorities, the CadSeal repatriation foil hermetically seals the deceased and is ideal for handling infected and decomposing bodies.

Extensively used for hygiene sealing and repatriation, CadSeal creates an airtight seal around bodies, reduces the risk to staff and stops odours from escaping.

Place between two layers of cadseal

CadSeal Repatriation Foil seals the deceased in a special metal containment foil and is extensively used for repatriation and hygiene sealing. Many hospitals, local authorities and funeral directors utilise CadSeal for potentially contaminated deceased. It is also used on standby for mass fatality incidents.

CadSeal is hermetically sealed, this ensures everything stays within the bag. Furthermore, CadSeal seals up odours which is particularly important if the number of deceased exceeds the capacity of refrigeration.

Benefits of CadSeal

1. Hygiene Sealing

Used during the Covid crisis, CadSeal is a proven body containment product that creates an airtight seal around infected bodies and reduces the risk to staff.

CadSeal repatriation foil can be cremated, therefore an infected deceased can be placed into a coffin and a funeral conducted without any risk to funeral staff or the public during the ceremony.

CadSeal also stops odours escaping which is ideal for decomposed bodies. This assists in emergency situations where there is no refrigeration available.

Lay CadSeal sheet on table
Roll of cadseal foil

2. Repatriation

Historically, the deceased were repatriated in zinc-lined coffins which are expensive and due to their weight, incur high freight costs. CadSeal repatriation foil only weighs 840g. The CadSeal method of repatriating bodies is fully approved and detailed in the IATA Airport Handling Manual, AHM 333 (January 2011).

Note: Most countries accept CadSeal metal film as an alternative to zinc lined coffins - please check with each local authority.

3. Ease of Use

The deceased is placed inside the CadSeal foil envelope and the heat sealer is simply used to form a seal around the deceased.

CadSeal repatriation foil is:

  • Airtight and watertight
  • No Sharp Edges
  • Tearproof and flexible
  • Easy to X-ray
  • Simple to seal
  • Quick to open

CadSeal is supplied on various size rolls so storage is simple. For larger size rolls, the CadSeal roll dispenser can be used.

caution heat CadSeal

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CadSeal Testimonial

David Gauld

Funeral Services Ltd

We recently used the CadSeal system on a body that was very decomposed with maggots etc and usually a decomposing body would make our whole branch smell. We used the CadSeal system and once we heat sealed around the body there was no putrid smell at all and all leakage was kept within the CadSeal foil. This is such a simple and effective solution and we would recommend this system for anyone who deals with decomposed deceased.

TC body bag with transparent cover and containing doll

TC Body Bag

The TC body bag is a translucent, self-sealing containment device for the deceased and of particularly use when the deceased has begun to deteriorate or where there is a risk of pathogens escaping. Each pouch can be adapted to fit any size of remains and then stored, shipped or cremated.

Each bag comes lined with a proprietary adhesive formula that will not stick to any surface other than itself, making it perfectly safe around the delicate tissue of remains.

We have covered the adhesive with a textured, transparent liner that is perforated every 30cm, giving you the ability to easily remove only the portions needed.

Once sealed, the transparent TC body bag can be cut open and resealed as many times as needed.

CadPad Absorbent Pads

To reduce the amount of body fluid within body bags, the CadPad absorbent pad is recommended. Perfect for absorbing fluids and cleaning up any other spills, the pads are highly absorbent and can absorb a considerable amount of body fluids without dripping.

Unlike traditional absorbent pads, the fluid is locked away inside the CadPad and does not leak or drip even under pressure. Furthermore, the core material used in CadPad is scientifically proven to reduce bacteria as the system removes the water that bacteria require to proliferate.

CadPad mortuary absorbent pad

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