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CadSeal Bodybags For Containment and Repatriation

Alternative to zinc lined coffins


Repatriation Foil

CadSeal Repatriation Foil

Product Details

Flexmort’s CadSeal body bags seals the deceased in a special metal containment film. CadSeal body bags provides several benefits to those dealing with the deceased and is extensively used for repatriation as well as hygiene sealing. A key area where contamination could happen is in handling deceased people who have died from COVID-19 and many organisations are now using CadSeal including Local Authorities, Hospitals, Funeral Directors etc.

“At Lincolnshire Co-op Funeral Services we take the safety and protection of our team seriously and to help this we now have Flexmort’s CadSeal body bags available for cases of suspected COVID-19” David Dernley, Head of Funeral Services, Lincolnshire Co-op

Many hospitals, local authorities (LRFs) and funeral directors utilise CadSeal for potentially contaminated deceased, as well as on standby for potentially large scale numbers of deceased. It is hermetically sealed which makes it ideal for any COVID-19 deceased. This ensures everything stays within the bag.

Furthermore, CadSeal seals up odours which is particularly important if the number of deceased exceed capacity of refrigeration (as bodies start to deteriorate).

1. Hygiene Sealing

Some deceased present an infection risk. For example, a deceased contaminated with Coronavirus can be sealed within the CadSeal bodybag. CadSeal is a proven body containment product (it was used during the Ebola crisis) that creates an airtight seal around infected bodies, reducing the risk to your staff. Once the body is sealed in a CadSeal bodybag, the body can then be moved in and out of refrigeration etc whilst protecting staff from risk.

CadSeal bodybags can also be cremated , therefore an infected deceased can be placed into a coffin and a funeral conducted without any risk to funeral staff or the public during the ceremony.

As well as infected deceased, CadSeal bodybags also stops odours escaping which is ideal for decomposed bodies. This also assists in emergency situations where there is no refrigeration available as CadSeal bodybags can be used to enclose the deceased and prevent decomposition odours escaping.

2. Repatriation

Historically the deceased are repatriated in zinc lined coffins which are expensive and due to their weight, freight costs are high. CadSeal only weighs 840g and is at least 18kg lighter. The CadSeal method of repatriating bodies is fully approved and detailed in the IATA Airport Handling Manual, AHM 333 (Jan 2011) which states,

“Human remains (HUM), except cremated, must be packed in a hermetically sealed inner containment which may be constructed of a flexible material or may be a rigid coffin of lead or zinc. The inner containment must then be packed inside a wooden or metal coffin.”

CadSeal is used by many UK funeral Directors to send bodies to numerous countries including Nepal, Ethiopia, Philipines, Nigeria, Ecuador, Ukraine, Romania, Indonesia, Cameroon etc.

Note: Most counties accept CadSeal metal film as an alternative to zinc lined coffins. If not then it may be because they do not have an updated manual which since Jan 2011 has detailed the foil. Please click here for the IATA AHM 333 document and the ICAO working paper.

To see a video of the foil please see bottom of our home page (at about 2 mins 43 secs).

Easy to Use

CadSeal's Heat Sealer

CadSeal’s Heat Sealer

The deceased is placed inside the CadSeal foil envelope and the heat sealer is simply used to form a seal around the deceased.

CadSeal is:

  • Airtight and watertight
  • Tearproof and flexible
  • Easy to X-ray
  • Simple to seal
  • Quick to open

CadSeal dispenser

CadSeal Roll Dispenser

CadSeal is supplied on various size rolls so storage is simple. For larger size rolls, the CadSeal roll dispenser can be used.


CadSeal can be cremated/incinerated.


Tensile strength of foil: 70/71N

Tensile strength of seal: 80N

Water vapour permeability of air 9 (40/90): 0.04 g / m²d

Temperature range: +85 ° C / -53 ° C

Oil and grease-proof: yes

Adhesion: 6-9 N / mm

Want More Information?

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Customer Testimonials

We have had no issues with the foil and I would certainly recommend its use going forward.
We have done 55 repatriations in the last 12 months and have used the foil on every occasion bar a couple of occasions going to Italy and from memory one specific family requesting zinc. Since we purchased it we have seen many improvements operationally compared to the previous zinc inserts. Firstly time involved in preparing the coffins for repatriation and the ease on how it is to use. Secondly it can be used in any coffin or casket, something which was previously a problem, we often had occasions where we were sending coffins to our competitors to zinc line on our behalf at additional cost of time and expense. The cost to ourselves is also cheaper than products previously used and once the coffin is received in the second location opening the casket and CadSeal is much more simple and dignified than opening a sealed zinc container.
Large UK Funeral Group
We are very pleased with the CadSeal system. We have found it very easy to use and most economical compared to zinc coffins and have successfully repatriated bodies to many countries including the Philippines, Ethiopia and Nigeria. We do on average 150 in a year. Some of the ones we do to Italy & Portugal we use proper Zinc because they need viewing panels so they can see the body without opening the zinc. All in all we use foil about 120 times a year – give or take.
Steve Thomas, Haven Funeral Services
“We recently used the CadSeal system on a body which was very decomposed with maggots etc and usually a decomposing body would make our whole branch smell. We used the CadSeal system and once we heat sealed around the body there was no putrid smell at all and all leakage was kept within the CadSeal foil. This is such a simple and effective solution and we would recommend this system for anyone who deals with decomposed deceased."  
David Gauld, Funeral Services Ltd
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