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Mortuary equipment

Dealing with Ebola contaminated deceased bodies

Dealing with the deceased who are contaminated with Ebola presents a range of challenges. Flexmort was Winner of the Big Ideas Award for our innovative systems at The University of Warwick U.K, and we provide a range of solutions for the safe handling and storage of the deceased...

Flexmort Innovation at NFE2013 – June 2013

      Flexmort’s innovative range of funeral directors mortuary equipment was well received at the recent NFE exhibition. Our range of deceased cooling systems including the cold curtain system and our alternative to the traditional coffin cooling system...

Factors to consider when selecting a facility for body storage

  The selection of an appropriate body storage facility for the deceased is stressful because there are numerous providers of the services in the market. These include hospitals, mortuaries, hospices and funeral homes. It is important to consider the following factors in the...

Advantages of mortuary fridges

  A Mortuary is used for keeping the deceased that are awaiting identification, burial/cremation, removal for autopsy, etc. However, the storage of human corpses can last from few hours to few days and in rare cases few weeks. That’s why to stop the corpses from...
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