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Deceased Cooling Systems

ISO Container Mortuary

Offering a full design service of ISO containers being converted into temporary mortuary/morgue. With a range of sizes and solutions providing scalable and dignified storage for the deceased.View details.

Body Storage Building

Information to follow.


The CuddleCot is used to cool deceased neonatals allowing the family time to spend time with the baby whilst the baby is kept cool. View details.

Coffin (Cutout) with Unit

Covercool™ Mini

The Covercool Mini is a smaller version of the Covercool Maxi and is very light and can be carried easily by one person. The Covercool single body system are a single pad, single body cooling system, acts as a mobile mortuary and can cool a deceased infant, child, or adult on a bed, trolley, in a coffin or in its own encapsulating cover. It has many advantages over coffin coolers, refrigerated beds etc as it does not ice and is much lighter. View details.

Mortuary refrigeration

NHS Covercool™ Bariatric (Obese)

The Covercool bariatric body cooling system simplifies the cooling of deceased bariatric bodies. Bariatric deceased can be cooled using our mobile mortuary on a bed or on a trolley and in any location. View details.

AirCool12 Portable Mortuary

AirCool Range

Flexmort’s range of 8/12 body+ mobile mortuary cooling systems were designed with the assistance of numerous Mortuary Managers. These products are installed in numerous UK hospitals and designed for ease of use and compatible with all mortuary trolleys. View details.

Mortuary Refrigeration


Flexmort’s ColdSpace is the modern answer to instant temporary or permanent chilled storage spaces for the storage of the deceased without the need for purpose built cold rooms or mortuary refrigerators. View more.

Mortuary Dome

Mortuary Dome

Flexmort’s mobile Mortuary Dome uses Captive Air Technology and is the most simple, effective system to provide instant temporary mortuary space for body storage for mass fatalities anywhere in the world from a relatively small transit pack. View more.

Mortuary Refrigerated Cabinets

Flexmort provides a range of mortuary/morgue refrigerated cabinets four deceased to 100+. View more.

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