CuddleBlanket Bariatric Cooling Blanket

Cool and Store Bariatric Bodies Anywhere with the Light, Portable and Flexible CuddleBlanket

The CuddleBlanket bariatric cooling blanket simplifies the cooling of deceased bariatric bodies. Bariatric mortuary cooling is difficult, but our bariatric cooling blanket allows you to cool and store bariatric deceased on a bed, table or trolley in any location.

CuddleBlanket cooling blanket for bariatric bodies on hospital bed

Used by numerous hospitals and mortuaries, the CuddleBlanket allows bariatric mortuary cooling using our specially designed cooling pads. The cooling system improves patient dignity and reduces staff manual handling risks.

The cooling system uses a series of cooling pads that are placed on the body with an insulated cover placed over the top. The body is cooled by direct contact. This cools the body much faster than traditional mortuary refrigeration and can reduce purging.

Unlike refrigerated beds or coffin coolers, the CuddleBlanket is extremely light, portable, flexible and does not ice. The cooling blanket is only switched on when required.

Benefits of CuddleBlanket Bariatric

  • Set up in seconds and use anywhere, from a funeral home to a hospital bedroom and even the home environment
  • Lower running costs than traditional refrigeration as CuddleBlanket directly cools the body and is only switched on when required
  • Low maintenance requirements as it utilises a thermoelectric cooling process
  • Ease of portability
  • Provides families an opportunity to spend time with their loved ones without having to cool the whole room
CuddleBlanket cooling blanket on three coffins

Servicing CuddleBlanket Bariatric

We are pleased to offer a range of enhanced service and support options for the CuddleBlanket cooling blanket. We want to help you get the most out of this important resource and ensure your CuddleBlanket always remain ready for use when you need it.

Flexmort team servicing CuddleBlanket mortuary cooling blanket

We offer a full visual, functional and integrity test and check service at our centre in Gloucester. Our fixed price includes courier collection and delivery.

  • Internal components, fluid ways, tubing and connections
  • Internal electrical components
  • Internal fluid flush
  • Check of all associated system kit items
  • Provide a full test report after a minimum half day functional running test
  • Advise and quote for any repairs or replacement costs for worn or damaged items

For more details, please contact us. We’re here to help things run smoothly.

What Our Customers Are Saying

The [CuddleBlanket] system makes such a positive difference to the services our Trust provides and there are two instances which for me provide excellent examples. Firstly, the cooling of a bariatric (obese) deceased patient weighing almost 256kg (40 stone) in the mortuary and secondly the cooling of a deceased patient where the family wished to stay with the body on the bed.

Lyn Anderson, Mortuary Manager, Watford General Hospital

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