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Why Use a CuddleCot™?                                                                                                  

Flexmort’s CuddleCot has been internationally recognised across the world as significantly helping parents who suffer the loss of a baby. Dealing with the death of a baby is clearly an incredibly difficult event for parents and bereaved parents should be given the option of spending Time with their baby. This is usually in the hospital maternity/labour ward or hospice but increasingly babies are also being allowed home. Providing families Time through the use of the CuddleCot is internationally encouraged by midwives, bereavement practitioners, stillbirth/neonatal charities, and academics. Time allows the family to form an important bond with their baby; whether changing a nappy, dressing the baby, taking photographs or simply just staying close and this helps families in dealing with their loss.

Please see testimonials and videos at the bottom of this page as well as articles such as “Data on the effect of holding and spending time with babies after perinatal death largely identifies positive psychological outcomes for the parents” Click here for the article. The problem is that in a warm room the baby’s condition can deteriorate quickly, therefore cooling the baby is absolutely essential. Transferring to and from the morgue is now widely regarded as an outdated practice as it is traumatic for parents to repeatedly go through the separation process whereas the CuddleCot allows the family to spend every moment with their baby, precious moments where every minute counts.

The CuddleCot system cools baby allowing families to stay with their baby before being moved to the morgue and is in use in thousands of hospitals across the world. The CuddleCot is highlighted by US academics as allowing families to provide after-death care to their babies. For example, Deborah L. Davis PhD see Psychology Today. Furthermore, hospitals are becoming increasingly criticised for not using CuddleCots, click here for New Zealand media

The CuddleCot™ cooling pad is placed in any Moses basket, crib, bed or another receptacle. It is connected by a specially insulated hose and is quietly cooled using the CuddleCot cooling unit. The CuddleCot system comes in its own carry case with two sizes of cooling pad for premature and full-term babies. The CuddleCot cools to an ideal temperature for preserving baby without being too cold for the parents.

Aside from the CuddleCot itself being an amazing product, the team at Flexmort is great to work with, too. They respond to me in a timely manner, and if there are any issues or things I have questions about, they’re resolved quickly. Everyone conveys a genuine interest in the families/organizations they’re serving, and I get the feeling they truly care about the work they’re doing.

-Erin, Ashlie’s Embrace, USA

The Shnuggle™ Moses Basket

The CuddleCot is designed to be used with the specially adapted Shnuggle Moses basket which is provided exclusively by Flexmort. The baskets have been specially moulded to accommodate the cooling pad and hose and provide hospitals with an easy to clean Moses baskets thereby reducing any infection control concerns. The new CuddleCot carry case fits inside the Shnuggle™ Moses basket making it easy to store or transport when not in use.

Easy to Clean

The CuddleCot is easy to keep sterile, with only the cooling pad and bedding coming into contact with the baby. The bedding can be washed and the cooling pads can be easily cleaned with any plastic safe sanitizer or hot soapy water.

Soft Cooling Pad

The CuddleCot’s thin, soft cooling pad is placed on top of the soft mattress which ensures baby is fully cushioned and comfortable. The flexibility of the CuddleCot allows families time to spend time making memories with their baby as the CuddleCot will continue to cool the pad wherever it is – so Mom can have baby beside her in bed.

“I commend Flexmort and their staff for their prompt responses to all communications. We have received nothing but positive feedback from the hospitals we’ve worked with to donate cuddle cots too. Families thank us for the gift of time, staff thanks us for the gift of comfort for families, and our we thank your company and staff for the cuddle cot.” – Jackie, Bereaved Family, USA

Quiet, Discrete and Portable

The CuddleCot cooling system utilises cutting edge technology and does not use traditional refrigeration (or need refrigerant gas) and does not make the noise of a “refrigerator”.  The CuddleCot cooling technology is very quiet; in fact, it is a similar sound to a small desk fan and is very small and is very light – weighing only 3.8KG/8.3Lbs. This means the CuddleCot is easily portable.

“My husband and I were so blessed to have been able to use this amazing device when our twins Jack and Sophia became angels. With this device we were able to obtain unforgettable memories that we will cherish for a lifetime. We were very grateful for every single minute we were able to spend with Jack and Sophia because of this device.” – Megan and Brad, USA

Small Footprint

The CuddleCot packs away into a small bespoke carry case, this allows it to be stored in a cupboard out of the way.

Easy to maintain and service

Traditional cooling equipment uses refrigeration which requires specialist maintenance by a refrigeration engineer. The CuddleCot does not require any special maintenance and has few moving parts, unlike traditional refrigeration. If there are any ever issues with the cooling system, it can easily be posted to our manufacturing centre for repair without the need for expensive engineers to attend site. The CuddleCot is tested to global hospital standards including CE certification & UL 61010-1:2012 CAN/CSA-C22.2 NO. 61010-1-12.


“I can’t even explain how helpful the cuddle cot was to us. We have memories with our daughter that we never would have had. We got to hold her, kiss her, change her, take pictures with her, spend the night with her, just love her as our child. Time is a precious thing and we were so thankful that our hospital had a cuddle cot” Sutton Jones, South Carolina, USA

Home Use

A growing number of hospitals are also allowing families to also take their baby home to spend time with them before the funeral. The CuddleCot is portable and simple to use with minimal professional instruction. Furthermore, many families wish to cool their baby at home in their own cot/crib or Moses basket and this can be achieved with the CuddleCot.

Allowing families the option to take their baby home from the hospital could help the grieving process (Click here for academic article).

Please see the below stories and advice from professional doctors and midwives as well as families who have used and benefited from the Flexmort CuddleCot.

Taking a Baby Home After Death Guidance for hospitals – Hospitals are increasingly allowing families to take the baby home. 

Australian family share their experience with the CuddleCot™ – Families all around the world are seeing the benefit of the CuddleCot

The CuddleCot helping families – Hospitals are working more with the families and offering support during the bereavement

The use of CuddleCots following perinatal death How CuddleCots are helping


The CuddleCot™ is provided with a 12-month warranty. We also offer the option of purchasing an extended warranty.

Quick dispatch

We understand that when you purchase an item you want it to arrive as quickly as possible. We have stock at our warehouse facilities in the USA and the UK ready for dispatch!

“We have purchased several cuddle cots through Flexmort. We have experienced phenomenal customer service every time! Every question we had was answered professionally and in a timely manner, the order process was seamless, shipment and receiving our cuddle cots have exceeded our expectations! Flexmort staff have been a tremendous help throughout the entire process. We sincerely appreciate the follow up’s even after we have received our cuddle cots to ensure all is going well. We look forward to our future purchases with Flexmort and can’t thank the Flexmort team enough for all of their support and exceeding our expectations.” Ashley, The Sophia’s Grace Foundation  

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The CuddleCot has featured on numerous news programmes across the world, please see bottom of this page. The CuddleCot has also featured in numerous newspapers e.g. the UK’s The Daily Mail and also mentioned in an interview with the New York Times. The CuddleCot was used in the UK in August 2017 by the parents of Charlie Gard to cool baby Charlie at home – Click Here.

The CuddleCot is used extensively around the world including:

  • US – Hundreds of US hospitals use CuddleCots, please click here to read about the experience of a family using the CuddleCot at The Sisters of Charity Hospital, Buffalo, NY, kindly written by Corey Kruss. Please also see testimonial at the bottom of this page from Mary D’Angelo, Director Maternal Child Services at The Sisters of Charity Hospital. A growing number of US hospitals now use the CuddleCot and they even have the backing of politicians – CuddleCot Flyer 2017s – see Mayor of Columbus on 15th Oct 2015 presenting hospitals with CuddleCots
  • England (UK)-  Over 95% of UK hospitals use CuddleCot
  • S. Ireland – Feileacain (Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Association of Ireland) are a proactive Irish charity and have provided CuddleCots™ to most hospitals in Southern Ireland
  • Canada – A growing number of Canadian hospitals in Canada (eg QE2) many are used by Alberta Health. The CuddleCot and CoverCool Mini was also in use at Canuck’s Place Children’s Hospice (view details)
  • Australia – Many Australian hospitals are using the CuddleCot
  • New Zealand – Again a growing number of hospitals are using CuddleCots (for example NZ news click here)


Quick Troubleshooting Tips

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Cleaning The Vent

Removing The Hose

Removing An Airlock 

Adjusting The Temperature

For the CuddleCot set up Presentation please download here » CuddleCot Training


For the CuddleCot instruction manual please open the PDF here » CuddleCot Manual


The CuddleCot™ has featured on the news all over the world, a small selection of these are shown below.

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Testimonials for CuddleCot™ (view more)

We have used the CuddleCot  many times already this month alone with great success and satisfaction from both families and staff. Parents are informed of the benefit of cooling their infant without having to remove them from the room. Also the infant is kept on the unit rather than having staff going back and forth to the morgue in the basement. Patients change their minds often about whether they want to keep the baby with them so we are able to meet their needs with less work and stress for the nurses. We have had no complaints related to the CuddleCot and staff really like having it. Caring for families who have lost a baby is difficult but this makes it less so. I would heartily recommend the CuddleCot to any hospital.
Mary D’Angelo, MS RN NEA-BC, Director Maternal Child Services Sisters of Charity Hospital, Buffalo, New York
The CuddleCot is in regular use and has been used twice in just the last few days. Both the parents and the nurses were so pleased with the system and the the Nurse in Charge said it was "brilliant to have the cot as really helped the family". The nurses have all said the CuddleCot was easy to use and certainly gave more times to families and kept the babies very cool.
Esther Rose, PICU Family Liaison Nurse, Great Ormond Street Hospital
“We at SiMBA have been providing CuddleCots to hospitals in Scotland. As a charity who responds to the needs of those affected by the loss of a FINALwcopybaby we have found the CuddleCot to be essential in assisting families in dealing with the loss of a baby; being able to offer to spend more precious time with their baby is priceless.”
Sara Fitzsimmons, Director, SiMBA
NHS"The CuddleCot is a remarkable product that allows parents to spend that extra special quality time with their baby & say goodbye when they are ready. What a wonderful invention! Thank you so much!"
Kingston Hospital NHS Trust, Jo Bull, Bereavement Midwife, Kingston Hospital NHS Trust, UK
SANDS2"The CuddleCot system is in use by our local hospital and we are now supplying them with a 2nd system so that the hospital can also offer the family the opportunity to take their baby home for a few days. The CuddleCot has been of huge benefit in helping them deal with their bereavement and allowing them to spend time with their baby. The CuddleCot is an essential piece of equipment for any organisation dealing with the passing of a baby."
"The response from parents who used the first few Cuddle Cot Systems was incredibly positive and so, within a few short months we were happy to provide eighteen 18 hospitals with the system...Our objective is to provide each hospital in the country with a Cuddle Cot." Read the full testimonial here
Brian Roche, Féileacáin (Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Association of Ireland – SANDAI)
"I think what you have done in developing this system is a wonderful thing and as painful as this is it does give parents like me some quality time with their precious baby, it certainly did for me"
C Hinkley, Jan 2012
"We're proud to be one of the first hospitals in the country to have one...An amazing piece of equipment" Click here
Matron of Maternity, Queen's Hospital (as reported in the Burton Mail, Oct 2011)
"There is no doubt that the use of the system helped the parents cope with the bereavement" View the case study here
Naomi House & Jacksplace, hospices for children and young adults (UK)
"Equipment like this enables us to provide a better service at such a difficult time" 
Amanda Cushing, Bereavement Support Midwife, Southend Hospital (as featured in The Look - Southend Hospital Newsletter, March 2012)
"Simply fantastic and exceeded all our expectations. It preserved the body so well that the family were able to keep their daughter at home for the whole 7 days before the funeral." Click here
chYps, a UK Children and Young Person's hospice
"I cannot recommend Flexmort’s CoverCool and CuddleCot systems highly enough" Click here to view the case study.
Jules Wester, Alexander's Nurse, Children's Community Emergency Respite and End of Life Care Royal Berkshire Hospital, Reading, UK
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