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CuddleCot Testimonials

“We at SiMBA have been providing CuddleCots to hospitals in Scotland. As a charity who responds to the needs of those affected by the loss of a baby we have found the CuddleCot to be essential in assisting families in dealing with the loss of a baby; being able to offer to spend more precious time with their baby is priceless.”
Sara Fitzsimmons, Director, SiMBA


“We’re proud to be one of the first hospitals in the country to have one…An amazing piece of equipment”
Matron of Maternity, Queen’s Hospital (as reported in the Burton Mail, Oct 2011)


“We have used the CuddleCot  many times already this month alone with great success and satisfaction from both families and staff. Parents are informed of the benefit of cooling their infant without having to remove them from the room. Also the infant is kept on the unit rather than having staff going back and forth to the morgue in the basement. Patients change their minds often about whether they want to keep the baby with them so we are able to meet their needs with less work and stress for the nurses. We have had no complaints related to the CuddleCot and staff really like having it. Caring for families who have lost a baby is difficult but this makes it less so. I would heartily recommend the CuddleCot to any hospital.”
Mary D’Angelo, MS RN NEA-BC, Director Maternal Child Services Sisters of Charity Hospital, Buffalo, New York


“The CuddleCot is a remarkable product that allows parents to spend that extra special quality time with their baby & say goodbye when they are ready. What a wonderful invention! Thank you so much!”
Kingston Hospital NHS Trust, Jo Bull, Bereavement Midwife, Kingston Hospital NHS Trust, UK


“The CuddleCot system is in use by our local hospital and we are now supplying them with a 2nd system so that the hospital can also offer the family the opportunity to take their baby home for a few days. The CuddleCot has been of huge benefit in helping them deal with their bereavement and allowing them to spend time with their baby. The CuddleCot is an essential piece of equipment for any organisation dealing with the passing of a baby.”


“The CuddleCot is in regular use and has been used twice in just the last few days. Both the parents and the nurses were so pleased with the system and the the Nurse in Charge said it was “brilliant to have the cot as really helped the family”. The nurses have all said the CuddleCot was easy to use and certainly gave more times to families and kept the babies very cool.”
Esther Rose, PICU Family Liaison Nurse, Great Ormond Street Hospital


“Simply fantastic and exceeded all our expectations. It preserved the body so well that the family were able to keep their daughter at home for the whole 7 days before the funeral.”
chYps, a UK Children and Young Person’s hospice


“I think what you have done in developing this system is a wonderful thing and as painful as this is it does give parents like me some quality time with their precious baby, it certainly did for me”
C Hinkley, Jan 2012


“The response from parents who used the first few Cuddle Cot Systems was incredibly positive and so, within a few short months we were happy to provide eighteen 18 hospitals with the system…Our objective is to provide each hospital in the country with a Cuddle Cot.”
Brian Roche, Féileacáin (Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Association of Ireland – SANDAI)
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