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Hospitals and Public Mortuaries

Flexmort equipment has benefited numerous hospitals and public mortuaries around the world. Our Covercool NHS Bariatric system has provided hospitals with the solution to cool obese (bariatric) bodies on a bed thereby alleviating manual handling and logistics issues (large deceased oftem are difficult to fit into a mortuary refrigerator). The CuddleCot for cooling deceased babies is in use within maternity departments and both the CuddleCot and CoverCool Mini are used by Community Nurses to cool those that die at home so the families can spend some time with.

Flexmort’s portable forensic morgues (AirCool) provide hospitals with additional temporary body storage when required and are also used as mass fatality mortuary storage. Other Flexmort cooling systems are also in widespread use including the ColdSpace insulated curtain system as well as our range of pop up concertina mortuary racking. Our CadSeal sealing system is used to seal up contaminated deceased (eg Ebola cases) as well as our range of gas tight body bags where higher CBRN properties are required. Our range of manual handling products e.g. BlueBoard assists in alleviating manual handling concerns. Also our CadPads are used to absorb excessive body fluids particularly where oedema is a problem.



Hospital Maternity Departments

The Cuddle Cot system is used by numerous maternity departments around the world and has received widespread acclaim from practitioners as well as large organisations involved in still birth issues. As well as cooling within the hospital ward, hospitals are also allowing parents the opportunity to take their baby home and provide the CuddleCot to parents in order to keep the baby cool.


Funeral Directors

The full range of Flexmort’s cooling systems and other products are in use throughout funeral directors. The portable Covercool Mini 170 system provides a simple and easy way to cool a body in a casket, coffin, or on a trolley or bed. This means small hub sites where there is no space or desire for large mortuary refrigeration can effectively cool a body. For those with larger storage requirements, Funeral Directors utilise the Aircool 12 and ColdSpace. We supply a range of mortuary racking as well as manual handling aids to assist in moving the deceased. Our CadPads highly absorbent pads are used to absorb excessive body fluids and our CadSeal system is used as the modern alternative to zinc lined coffins for repatriations. Funeral Directors also use our range of manual handling products.



Hospice & Home Cooling

Children’s & Adult Hospices

Flexmort’s CuddleCot system and Covercool systems are used across numerous hospices. They allow babies, children and adults to be cooled without the family having to go through the distress of immediately transferring their loved one to a mortuary fridge allowing the family to spend time with the deceased in a pleasant environment whilst the deceased is being cooled (babies in a moses basket, cot etc and older children and adults whilst in bed). The Flexmort systems has received widespread acclaim from numerous hospices and reduces the costs associated with attempting to provide cold rooms or large mortuary refrigerators. Hospices also use our ColdSpace cooling system which creates an insulated cold room. Our manual handling products are also in use.



Emergency Planning, Mass Fatality Mortuary Cooling and DVI

Flexmort’s portable body storage mortuary systems (mobile morgues) provide the perfect solution for mass fatality events. These include the AirCool range as well as the Mortuary Dome. Flexmort mass fatality mobile mortuary systems are used by governments, Police, Fire Service and Councils across the globe.


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