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Binny™ – disposable sanitary bins

Binny the disposable sanitary bin

Binny™ disposable sanitary bins are flat packed disposable sanitary bins and are the convenient, environmentally responsible and inexpensive way for organisations to dispose of sanitary bin waste. There is a considerable amount of mis-information concerning sanitary bins to ensure organisations utilise sanitary bin contracts. However, the Department of Health (DOH) has re-iterated in its 2013 guidance that sanitary bin waste is classed as “offensive waste” and is not hazardous, clinical or medical waste. This classification is important and means every organisation, from small private companies to large public sector organisations, no longer need to use sanitary bin contractors to provide, clean and empty their sanitary bins and this whole area can easily and legally managed by the organisation’s own cleaning staff using Binny™. Binny™ sanitary bins and their contents are simply disposed of without the “offensive” contents ever being seen or handled by visitors or cleaning staff.

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Binny™ disposable sanitary bins are fully compliant to all relevant legislation/guidance and contain world leading antibacterial properties (certified to ISO20743:2013). Binny™ is manufactured in the UK and in use across numerous organisations, including the NHS. Binny™ provides considerable cost saving opportunities (upto 70% annual savings) as well as a host of operational and environmental benefits when compared to sanitary bin contractors (including significant carbon footprint reduction).


For further information on Binny sanitary bins please visit our separate site at www.binnybin.com
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