Flexmort ColdSpace Cold Room

Transform any Room into a Cold Room for the Deceased with ColdSpace

Flexmort ColdSpace Cold Room is the modern answer to instant temporary or permanent mortuary storage without the need for mortuary refrigerators.

Used by hospitals, funeral directors, hospices and in mass fatality situations, the cold room system can be made in any size or shape and uses specially engineered insulated curtains.

Flexmort ColdSpace Cold Room

ColdSpace Cold Room with mortuary racking

The ColdSpace can be installed in advance and the curtains pulled back to allow the space to be used for other purposes.

When required for deceased storage, ColdSpace is operational in minutes. This makes it perfect for transforming virtually any room into a cold room for the deceased.

Evaporator(s) matched to the duty required can be mounted through the roof, a nearby wall or a division, and the standard temperatures are 5˚C at an ambient of 32˚C.

Racking Options

Our range of racking and patient trolleys can be used within the ColdSpace cold room system. The various collapsible racking systems can be quickly erected, providing complete flexibility and allowing the space to be used for a large number of bodies or for bariatric (obese) deceased.

The racking systems are designed to be used with our cold room panels, which are easy to install and provide excellent thermal insulation.

ColdSpace Cold Room with patient trolley


Amanda Woodward

General Manager - Funerals, Tamworth Co-operative Society Ltd

We had a ColdSpace system fitted by Flexmort and are delighted with both the product and the service. We simply pull the curtain and we have an instant chilled space for the storage of the deceased. From start to finish, the process and service was excellent. We are currently in the process of installing in two more locations where space has been an issue with refrigeration. I would highly recommend Flexmort.

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