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DNA Memorial


Funeral Homes Saving Lives – The Daily Mail 01/09/15

DNA Memorial in The Daily Mail You may not be currently aware that the medical information contained in your  biological parents’ and grandparents’ genetic records are becoming more and more valuable to everyone in the family. DNA sequences are passed with very little variation from one generation to the next, therefore the DNA of a 95 year old great-grandmother is of immediate and direct relevance to the health of her six month great-grandson. However, as a funeral director you are destroying this valuable information everyday as all medical DNA and genealogical information is lost through cremation. Equally, once a person is buried, DNA degrades and in any event exhumation is not usually possible due to legal and financial reasons. DNA Memorial allows you are as a funeral director to help surviving relatives by providing a method for them to easily preserve their familial DNA which could be critical for future generations. This isn’t science fiction, this is the reality of medicine and recent DNA innovation from DNA Memorial provides families with the opportunity to store DNA at home at room temperature (no specialist refrigeration required).

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Why Funeral Directors?

Funeral Directors are the only group which has access to the UK deceased before the DNA is destroyed and leading UK firms (including Anderson Maguire, Tamworth Coop, Scotmid Co-Op, Rosedales etc) are already helping families by offering the DNA Memorial service. See scrolling testimonials from UK funeral directors at the bottom of the page.

As well as providing families their loved one’s DNA in a format for future medical/genealogical testing, we also provide beautiful memorial glassware which is infused with a loved one’s DNA capturing their life essence – the DNA Infusion Collection.


An increasing number of funeral directors across the world (UK, US, Canada) are now offering this important service to their families. For the public facing website (for families of the bereaved), please see www.dnamemorial.com. DNA Memorial is also an added value service for the pre-need market i.e. funeral planning.


“I can see a future where genetics is going to come into every bit of medicine from cardiology to oncology to infectious diseases.” Prof Jeremy Farrar, Director of the Wellcome Trust health foundation in Cambridge

“The increasing availability of DNA based technologies, and the rapidly falling price and increasing precision of sequencing, is leading to a revolution in medical care. This is generally referred at as Personalised Medicine and in reality means using DNA-based data to try and predict responses to therapy to allow more precise tailoring of therapy options. In the future, DNA data will be key to understanding disease in general and individual variations both in disease outcomes and response to treatment. Having access to one’s DNA heritage would greatly aid the understanding of many diseases such as prostate cancer, where it is clear that inherited risk is complex and multifactorial. For families with rare diseases, again access to stored familial DNA may well help care in the future, even if the precise nature of the inherited problem is not currently fully understood.” Prof Nicholas James, Director of the Cancer Research Unit at The University of Warwick, England and Professor of Clinical Oncology, Cancer Centre, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham, England, October 2014.

At the bottom of the page are videos. The first video is a simple introduction to DNA Memorial. The second is an at need video which can be played to the family during an arrangement session and explains DNA Memorial. The third video can be played to a potential customer of funeral plans as DNA Memorial can also be used to preserve the DNA of the living.

DNA Memorial

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