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References, Guidance and Position Statements

The Flexmort Covercool and CuddleCot systems allow families to spend time with the deceased whether a baby, child or adult. The 2011 NHS guidance for Staff Responsible for Care After Death highlights the benefits of the Flexmort Cold Blanket system for hospitals and hospices for cooling the deceased but a question that often arises is that is whether this it is good for the families if the Covercool systems are used to enable families to spend extended periods of time with the deceased? For many parents the answer is yes, and the international position is that parents must be offered the opportunity to do this.

It is now becoming common place in hospitals and children’s hospices for parents to be provided with the choice of spending time with a baby or child and the Flexmort Cold Cot and Covercool Mini facilitates this whether this is in the maternity department, at home or in a hospice. Internationally, all organisations strongly advocate that parents have the choice of being able to spend time with their baby.

Position Statements – relating to allowing parents to spend time with their deceased baby

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