Manual Handling Aids

Easily Move Bodies with our Flexible and Lightweight Manual Handling Aids

Essential for anyone involved in moving the deceased, our innovative manual handling aids are the most effective and simple patient movement systems available.

Used in hospitals, hospices and funeral directors, the Blueboard, the recovery cloth and the recovery belt reduce manual handling problems.

Manual Handling Aids

Manual Handling Aid, the BlueBoard


In use in European hospital mortuaries, the BlueBoard is the most effective and simple patient movement system available. Whereas the PAT slide requires a person to slide across the surface of the slide, the BlueBoard allows the body to roll across its surface.

The rolling transfer provided by the BlueBoard in moving the deceased is proven to be effective, simple, safe and gentle, not only for the deceased but also for the staff. Designed to reduce the risks involved in manual handling and capable of handling up to 200kg (300kg with disposable cover), the removable material simply spins round the board allowing patients to be slid with ease from trolley to table.

Benefits of the BlueBoard

  1. Can be used anywhere where the deceased require moving - hospitals, care homes, ambulances and funeral directors
  2. Fitted with a removable, washable cover and can be used with disposable covers to assist in infection control
  3. Flexible, lightweight and easy to use
  4. Easy to store

Recovery Cloth XL

For the recovery of deceased in rough terrain or narrow stairways and for the transfer of obese deceased with a carrying capacity of up to 400 kg, the recovery cloth is constructed of easy sliding material to reduce manual handling problems and is fitted with eight reinforced handgrips and three safety belts.

Manual Handling Aid, the Recovery Cloth XL
Manual Handling Aid, the Recovery Belt

Recovery Belt

The recovery belt is ideal for the recovery of the deceased, particularly when in hard-to-reach areas, for example when the deceased are in the bathtub, in the car or behind an object.

The recovery belt allows the user to keep their back straighter which reduces manual handling issues. The load capacity per belt is up to 150kg, and more than one belt can be used which then doubles the weight capacity.


Louise Milligan

Hospital Mortuary Manager, Stepping Hill Hospital, Stockport

The Blue Board is a fantastic aid when moving patients - whether large or small; it is lightweight and extremely easy to use. The cover survived our washing machine, an impressive feat in itself! I would highly recommend this as it is a great improvement on the old style nightmare PAT slides.

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