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Memory of Myne

Combining Ashes with the Art of Glass…

Memory of Myne interweaves a loved one’s ashes with glass to create beautiful, handcrafted glass products. Our contemporary jewellery allows the family to keep their loved one close and our Lead Crystal range provides a timeless commemoration.

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UK Manufacturing

Memory of Myne products are lovingly created by our specialist award winning team of Glass Artists at the historical Red House Glass Cone in Stourbridge; the centre of UK Glass making and home to glass artisans for over 400 years. Our Artists use their exceptional craftsmanship to provide a unique and timeless keepsake blended with centuries of history. The chosen piece is lovingly handmade in the same location as all The Titanic glass tableware (from its beautiful champagne glasses to stunning crystal decanters), using the same traditional glass making techniques.The Cone was built around 1790 and is a conical building approximately 100ft high. It was designed to channel air into the furnace to make the fires burn hotter and also provided a large work space for the glassmakers. Even after technology advanced and the cones were no longer needed to act as chimneys, the buildings were still used for glassmaking until many eventually fell into disrepair, were demolished or simply collapsed. Today there are only four cones left standing in Britain and the Red House Glass Cone is the most complete example in Europe.

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