Mortuary Patient Trolley

Easily Transport Bodies with the Versatile Mortuary Patient Trolley

Used by UK hospitals and hospices, mortuary patient trolleys can be used for transporting the deceased. The trolleys can also be used with the CuddleBlanket cooling blanket or within a refrigerated environment. Each trolley contains lockable wheels and collapsible sidebars.

Mortuary Patient Trolley

Mortuary Patient Trolleys

The design of a mortuary patient trolley is very important. The trolley needs to be sturdy enough to handle a heavy patient but also needs to be easy to maneuver. The hydraulics need to be strong enough to lift the patient but also need to be adjustable so that the descent is controlled.

With a proven design, the mortuary patient trolley employs a high-pressure hydraulic hand pump coupled to a heavy-duty ram and fail-safe valve. A local release handle allows control of the descent rate.

We work closely with the manufacturer to make sure that we offer a variety of trolleys that will suit your needs, including combination trolleys and folding handle trolleys.


Mortuary Manager

Royal Berkshire NHS Hospital

At our hospital, we have numerous Flexmort systems installed, including the ColdSpace thermal curtain, AirCool12, CuddleCot, BlueBoard etc. Flexmort's systems have been of considerable benefit to our mortuary and the service from Flexmort has always been outstanding.

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