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Other Manual Handling Aids

4700080 Recovery Cloth XL forFlexmort supply a number of manual handling aids that are essential for anyone involved in moving the deceased.

Recovery Cloth XL

For the recovery of deceased in rough terrain, narrow stairways and for the transfer of obese deceased with a carrying capacity of upto 400 kg. The Recovery Cloth is constructed of easy sliding material to reduce manual handling problems and is fitted with 8 reinforced handgrips and 3 safety belts.

Recovery Belt

Recovery BeltThe Recovery Belt is ideal for the recovery of the deceased particularly when in hard to reach areas, for example, when the deceased are in the bath tub, in the car, or behind an object. The Recovery Belt allows the user to keep their back straighter which reduces manual handling issues. The load capacity per belt is upto 150kg, and more than one belt can be used which would double the weight capacity. The Recovery Belt is perfect for funeral directors and anybody dealing with retrieval of the deceased.

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