Refrigerated Mortuary Cabinet

Store and Cool Bodies in Traditional Refrigerated Mortuary Cabinets

We provide a range of traditional refrigerated mortuary cabinets, including cold rooms. These range from small funeral director locations catering for up to 4 deceased to large facilities for 100+ deceased.

We have a full range of sizes, widths and styles of mortuary refrigeration, as well as trolleys, sinks and other mortuary equipment.

Flexmort's Refrigerated Mortuary Cabinet

Refrigerated mortuary cabinets by Flexmort

It is designed specifically for mortuary applications and consists of panels with SmartProtec® antimicrobial finish to eliminate any possible risk of harmful bacteria growth on their surface both inside and outside.

It contains high-density 80mm polyurethane insulation and all panels (including the floor) use corrosion-resistant cam locks.

There is also an easy-to-operate door lever with a lock and internal release.


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