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Save My Genes : DNA PrePlanning

DNA Is The Unique Spark Of Life : Totally Priceless For Generations That Follow

We’re all aware of how important it is to know our family medical history, but are you aware of the DNA revolution in healthcare?

Your DNA contains the biological instructions that make you unique – the shape of your nose, your eye colour, your smile. DNA is passed to each new generation with little variation, but it isn’t just the nice things our children and grandchildren inherit; unfortunately we also pass on medical disorders – from cancers to heart disease.

So… Why Save Your DNA?


When we die our DNA is lost forever through cremation or burial. Therefore, many prominent professors & doctors suggest that preserving our DNA (via DNA Banking) could be critical for future relatives – especially as genetic research continues to advance.

For this reason, many people are deciding to preserve their own DNA whilst they’re still alive – to help protect their families when they’re gone. Analysis of a family’s DNA across the generations is increasingly being used by the medical profession to track, diagnose and prevent everything from simple skin disorders to terminal cancer.

Why Preplan? DNA As Part of Your Legacy…

Thinking about our mortality often leaves us feeling a little uneasy, but many adults are finding that pre-planning offers great emotional and financial security for themselves and their families. Your DNA can help tell your story, giving insights into your origins. But most importantly, could greatly assist both existing and future generations with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and conditions THEY may have inherited; regardless of whether you suffered from these inherited diseases/conditions or not. The millions of combinations inherited from past generations can all come into play.

We provide products and services to preserve your genetic record indefinitely; perhaps the most important information you leave as a legacy. Always remember: There are difficult legal issues for a family to navigate in order to obtain your DNA once you’ve died. Give the gift of YOUR DNA today…

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