Mortuary Systems Servicing, Maintenance and Repairs

Ensuring your Cooling Systems are always ready for use

Flexmort offers a range of enhanced service, repair and maintenance support options for all our cooling equipment.

We're committed to helping you get the most from these important resources and ensuring your CuddleCot™, CuddleBlanket™ and Flexmort AirCool are always ready for use when you need them

Servicing the Flexmort AirCool

We offer a fixed price on-site full service of the Flexmort AirCool carried out by F-Gas qualified technicians with specialist knowledge of the AirCool refrigeration system.

Procedures carried out (varies depending on exact specification):

  • Clean and oil motors
  • Check fuses and earthing
  • Inspect fans and motors
  • Check temperature and adjustments
  • Examine electrical switches
  • Inspect pipes and joints
  • Adjust valves and controls as necessary
  • Check filter
  • Check and leak test refrigerant
  • Inspect drain
  • Examine cooling coils
  • Carry out earth continuity test
  • Clean air cooled condenser
  • Check condensation vapouriser elements
  • Provide a service report

AirCool service from: £349* depending on location

Please contact us for an accurate quote * Price excludes VAT at 20%

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Constructing the AirCool

Servicing CuddleCot™ and CuddleBlanket™

We offer a fixed price, full functional test and service of the CuddleCot and CuddleBlanket carried out by experienced technicians at our centre in Gloucester, UK and the US.

Visual, functional and integrity check and test of:

  • Internal components, fluid ways, tubing & connections
  • Internal electrical components
  • Internal fluid flush (and refill with Coldflow2 for the CuddleBlanket)
  • All associated system equipment

We will also:

  • Advise and quote for any repairs or replacement costs for worn or damaged items
  • After service disinfect system surfaces using Clinell® disinfectant wipes
  • Provide a full test report after a minimum half-day functional running test
CuddleCot products layout machine box and moses basket
CuddleBlanekt set up

Fixed Price Servicing – Mainland UK

CuddleCot extended 12-month warranty: £249 (available at time of CuddleCot purchase)Warranty covers all parts and labour to repair following faults caused by faulty manufacture or component failure. Repairs required following damage or fault caused by negligence or accident are not covered.

CuddleCot Service Packages:

• CuddleCot Service Package A (1 year): £199

• CuddleCot Service Package B (1 year): £299

Includes replacement pads (1 large and 1 small)

• CuddleCot Service Package plus purchase of new 12-month warranty: £399

If CuddleCot is less than 3 years old

CuddleBlanket Service: £249

Optional PAT test and report to latest standards IET Code Of Practice for ISITEE Version 5 at the same time as a service: £9

Price includes courier collection and delivery from your premises and all service parts, consumables and labour. Excludes VAT.

Servicing CuddleBlanket

International Servicing

For servicing of systems located outside of the UK, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss options and provide a tailored quote for you.

Any repairs required will be quoted separately. No additional work will be undertaken without prior authorisation.

PLEASE NOTE: The fixed price includes courier collection and delivery from your premises of CuddleCot and CuddleBlanket or one on-site visit of  AirCool in Mainland UK only, and all service parts, consumables and labour.


Flexmort Warranty

Flexmort's Extended Warranty

Flexmort offer a 12-month warranty, included in the purchase price, against manufacturing defects from the time of purchase for all our cooling equipment.

Should a cooling product develop a fault within the warranty period, please contact us. We will usually request the return of the unit to our UK repair centre at the customer's cost where it will be repaired or replaced and returned free of charge.

Faults ascertained to have been caused by accident or neglect are not covered by this warranty and will be quoted for before any repair work commences.

For added peace of mind, we also offer an extended warranty. This can be taken at the point of sale or during the first year of ownership and will run seamlessly after the first 12 months warranty.

Please contact us for information and prices. We will happy to quote for multiple unit and 2+ years term contracts.

To register a product for warranty, please visit

Full Repair Service

If you have reason to think your CuddleBlanket or AirCool isn't working as it should, please contact us.

We can offer guidance, and if necessary, make arrangements to return your unit to us for assessment, or for AirCool only, arrange an engineer visit* and quote to repair. We'll not carry out any repairs without your prior authorisation.

*Call out charges apply for AirCool depending on location

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