Body Storage Systems

Temporary and Permanent Body Storage Systems

Our innovative body storage systems allow you to store and cool bodies temporarily in mobile structures or permanently in traditional systems. This range includes the AirCool pop up storage, the ColdSpace cold room, mobile mortuary domes and more.

AirCool pop up mortuary storage

The AirCool mobile storage system acts as a pop up mortuary and is used for additional temporary body storage.

ColdSpace Cold Room with mortuary racking

The ColdSpace cold room offers instant temporary or permanent mortuary storage without the need for mortuary refrigerators.

Refrigerated mortuary cabinets

Traditional refrigerated mortuary cabinets range from small funeral director locations to large facilities for 100+ deceased.

Mobile mortuary dome used as temporary morgue

With a range of sizes and solutions, temporary mortuary structures provide scalable refrigerated body storage.

Mobile, collapsible mortuary racking with orange body boards

Mobile mortuary racking is free standing, easy to set up, fully rollered and available as standard or coffin racking.

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