Temporary and Traditional Mortuary Racking

Easily Store Bodies with Fully Rollered Temporary and Traditional Mortuary Racking

Our temporary mortuary racking is available in two sizes: standard and coffin racking. The collapsible racking is strong but easy to set up without tools and fully rollered. As well as being free-standing, the temporary mortuary racking can be used in Flexmort's range of storage systems.

We also offer traditional mortuary racking. Used by hospitals and mortuaries, the traditional racking is available in 4 or 5 tiers along with trays.

Temporary Mortuary Racking

AirCool – Mobile, collapsible mortuary racking with blue body boards

Thanks to its innovative portable effect, our temporary mortuary racking can be easily erected from a folded state within 60 seconds and can be used to store up to 4 bodies on body boards or trays. Shelf heights can be adjusted. Each level of the mortuary rack is fully rollered to ensure sliding bodies onto the rack requires minimal manual handling.

The collapsible racking can be used free-standing for the storage of the deceased on boards or within coffins, and can be used as the internal racking within any of our storage systems, including the AirCool pop up storage, the ColdSpace cold room and the mobile mortuary dome.

We strongly advise against moving our temporary mortuary racking with the deceased on it. If you require mobile mortuary racking, please contact us.

Traditional Mortuary Racking

The traditional mortuary racking system is used in countless hospitals and mortuaries across the country. It consists of 4 or 5 tiers of racks, each containing trays.

The rollers on the racks make it much easier to slide bodies into the rack, reducing the likelihood of injuries. Furthermore, the racking is easy to clean and sanitize.

Traditional mortuary racking with multi bay racks


Peter Rooth

Mortuary Manager at Welwyn G.C.

I have used temporary body storage systems before but one of the main advantages with the Flexmort system is that all racks are rollered so pushing a deceased into the system is much simpler and reduces the risk of injury.

Furthermore, the bottom shelf is 40cm off the floor which means we can use our trolleys thereby alleviating the need for staff to manually load bodies.

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