Temporary Mortuary Structures

Store and Cool Bodies Temporarily and on a Large Scale with Mobile Mortuary Structures

With a range of sizes and solutions, temporary mortuary structures provide scalable and dignified refrigerated storage for the deceased. Ideal for mass fatality situations, incidents within hospitals and funeral homes, as well as assisting the emergency services, mobile morgues are simple to set up and easy to transport.

We offer a full design service of ISO containers, mobile domes and inflatable shelters being converted into temporary morgues.

Temporary Mortuary Structures

ISO container set up as temporary mortuary with racking, trolleys and fitted lights

ISO Container Mortuary

Ideal for large or small scale incidents within hospitals, funeral homes, and disaster situations as well as assisting the emergency services, ISO container mortuaries provide dignified, scalable and secure storage space for up to 60 deceased per unit.

Working with you to ensure the solution fits your requirements, we can offer:

  • A range of sizes, including 20' and 40'
  • Various layouts
  • Side or end loading
  • Site surveys and full assistance with power requirements
  • Fully contained cooling plant
  • Full service and after-sales care

We can also assist with refurbishing any existing container that you may have. We can look at improving the capacity and working area, as well as offering full service options.

Mobile Mortuary Dome

The Mobile Mortuary Dome uses a captive air cooling system, which is the most simple and effective way to provide temporary refrigerated space for storing bodies in mass fatality situations. The mobile morgue is 7 meters by 6 meters and can accommodate up to 56 deceased.

The temporary structure can be expanded by adding additional modular units to achieve body storage of 200+ bodies. The whole internal structure can be cooled, allowing taller bodies and obese individuals to be stored as well.

Mobile mortuary dome used as temporary morgue

Our mobile mortuary dome can be inflated within 20 minutes, and once inflated, it doesn't require a constant supply of air. The chill source is via portable, wheeled base air conditioning systems, and the thermal properties of the temporary morgue are outstanding, thanks to the use of the lightest and most efficient thermal insulation of its type.

We can tailor the internal layout of the mortuary dome to fit your requirements. For example, you may want the whole area for body storage, or you may wish for part of the area to be used for deceased storage and the rest of the area to be used for post-mortems with a higher temperature for staff comfort. The temporary morgue comes complete with a choice of Flexmort's mortuary racking and body boards.

Inflatable mortuary shelter

Inflatable Shelters

There is always the requirement during an emergency for general pop up shelters. These mobile structures can be used to store equipment, act as command tents and much more.

We offer a full range of portable inflatable shelters which are made in the UK specifically for your application. Our UK manufacturing means that you can be guaranteed your mobile shelter will be manufactured to the highest quality.


Cahir O'Byrne

Fingal County Council, Emergency Management Officer, Dublin, Ireland

The Mortuary Dome plays a key part in our Regional Mass Fatality plans. All our local Gardaí (police), Firefighters, and Civil Defence volunteers  are trained in the setup of the equipment and we are able to deploy a large mortuary operation when required in a very short period of time. The Mortuary Dome is simple to set up and easy to transport and undoubtedly improves our ability to respond to situations with potentially high numbers of fatalities.

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