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September 26, 2013

We have been using Flexmort Cadpad’s for over a year and have been more than impressed with the results. The pads absorb vast amounts of fluid, far more than a traditional incontinence pad, meaning that whereas in the past we used 3 – 4 incontinence pads we use 1 CadPad. This has resulted in savings of time and money and more importantly a more dignified presentation of patients. The gel system means fluid is retained in the pad and fluid that is trapped in the pad stays there. We have used the pads in reconstruction after post mortem, particularly in body cavities to absorb excessive body fluids. We also place the pads under limbs of those with oedema and behind the hair of patients to trap any moisture that may escape. It is a great product which is so versatile that I have only listed a few of its uses. Having used these pads there is no way I would willingly return to using standard incontinence pads again.


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