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“As a green funeral director it is important that we offer families choice when dealing with their loved ones. For those dying at home, this means the ability to cool the deceased at home and the Flexmort Covercool cooling system provides us with the perfect solution as is light weight and truly portable”
Wendy Pratt, Wendy Pratt Funeral Services, Yorkshire, UK
"We have fourteen branches and some of the smaller ones do not have fridge units.  The flexibility of the Covercool system has allowed us to keep the deceased cool on site, without requiring transfer to branches with refrigeration.  This flexibility has been of great benefit to our operations"
WA TrueLove & Son Funeral Directors, Simon Truelove
stbarnabas-hospice"We have recently purchased a CoverCool Mini system from Flexmort which has been excellent and was chosen over the use of traditional mortuary fridges.  Our other options included fridges but the CoverCool pad system is very beneficial for preserving the patient & gives the family a better post death viewing experience with increased dignity. The customer service provided by this company is second to none & I would certainly recommend them."      
St. Barnabas Lincolnshire Adult Hospice, Sue Carter, St. Barnabas Lincolnshire Hospice
“We at SiMBA have been providing CuddleCots to hospitals in Scotland. As a charity who responds to the needs of those affected by the loss of a FINALwcopybaby we have found the CuddleCot to be essential in assisting families in dealing with the loss of a baby; being able to offer to spend more precious time with their baby is priceless.”
Sara Fitzsimmons, Director, SiMBA
We are one of the UK’s largest funeral groups and have found the CoverCool Mini really effective and practical. The Flexmort system is a much better solution than a refrigerated table. Dignity plc logoFurthermore, the flexibility that it is portable and we can also use it in a client's home is of great benefit.    
Richard Salthouse, Business Manager, Dignity
"I have used temporary body storage systems before but one of the main advantages with the Flexmort system is that all racks are rollered so pushing a deceased into the system is much simpler and reduces the risk of injury. Furthermore, the bottom shelf is 40cm off the floor which means we can use our trolleys thereby alleviating the need for staff to manually load bodies"
Peter Rooth, Mortuary Manager at Welwyn G.C.
IOWI would like to thank you and your colleagues on the fantastic service that you gave to us when we were in desperate need of a CoverCool Mini,  nothing was too much trouble. The friendly “can do” attitude meant so much to us and the help and advice helped us to manage the equipment easily and without complication. The Flexmort is compact and mobile and fortunately for us nurses really easy to put together! It absolutely did the job we purchased it for, was unobtrusive and allowed us to let relatives say a proper unhurried goodbye to their loved one. Great product.  
Penny Turner, Lead Nurse for Clinical Quality and Practice Development, Earl Mountbatten Hospice, Isle Of Wight
"Our Covercool system is in constant use and we are absolutely delighted with it...The cooling blankets are excellent and we are so pleased with the results"
Nick Armstrong, Armstrong’s Funerals
"There is no doubt that the use of the system helped the parents cope with the bereavement" View the case study here
Naomi House & Jacksplace, hospices for children and young adults (UK)
"At our hospital we have numerous Flexmort systems installed, including the ColdSpace thermal curtain, AirCool12, CuddleCot, BlueBoard etc. Flexmort’s systems have been of considerable benefit to our mortuary and the service from Flexmort has always been outstanding."
Mortuary Manager, Royal Berkshire NHS Hospital, Mortuary Manager
"We're proud to be one of the first hospitals in the country to have one...An amazing piece of equipment" Click here
Matron of Maternity, Queen's Hospital (as reported in the Burton Mail, Oct 2011)
We have used the CuddleCot  many times already this month alone with great success and satisfaction from both families and staff. Parents are informed of the benefit of cooling their infant without having to remove them from the room. Also the infant is kept on the unit rather than having staff going back and forth to the morgue in the basement. Patients change their minds often about whether they want to keep the baby with them so we are able to meet their needs with less work and stress for the nurses. We have had no complaints related to the CuddleCot and staff really like having it. Caring for families who have lost a baby is difficult but this makes it less so. I would heartily recommend the CuddleCot to any hospital.
Mary D’Angelo, MS RN NEA-BC, Director Maternal Child Services Sisters of Charity Hospital, Buffalo, New York
"I am absolutely delighted with the BlueBoard - it is already earning its keep! Such a simple idea but very effective. We effortlessly moved an 18 stone man from bed to stretcher the other day - incredible."
Marcus Wilkinson, Alfred Smith & Son, Funeral Directors (UK)
"I am delighted with the CoverCool Mini system. I have limited space and it has enabled me to provide effective but mobile cooling within the confines of my existing premises. We simply move the system to where it is needed and plug it in and it is immediately operational. As a result, we have been able to significantly reduce the amount of manual handling being undertaken and improve the service we are offering. The system is ideal for smaller funeral directors who do not have the demand or space to accommodate a full sized refrigeration system. I already have a feeling that I will be ordering another system! The portability and discrete size make it a possible to offer an "at home" cooling service which I think could appeal to some of my clients."
Marcus Wilkinson, Alfred Smith & Son Funeral Directors, UK, Marcus Wilkinson (ex NAFD Treasurer)
"We have a range of Flexmort equipment and opted for Flexmort's Aircool system as it is easy to assemble, has large A4 pockets to hold body identification documents and fully rollered racking."
Lyn Anderson, Watford General Hospital
"The Blue Board is a fantastic aid when moving patients - whether large or small; it is lightweight and extremely easy to use. The cover survived our washing machine, an impressive feat in itself! I would highly recommend this as it is a great improvement on the old style nightmare PAT slides."
Louise Milligan, Hospital Mortuary Manager, Stepping Hill Hospital, Stockport
“The AirCool12 is perfect for us during busy periods  as is to set up and provides us with additional body storage. Furthermore, with the increase in obese bodies, the obese frame means the system can be transformed into a large space in order to cool obese bodies which ordinarily would not fit into our refrigerators.”
Lodge Brothers, Funeral Directors, London, UK
Bolton hospiceAs a hospice our core values are to deliver high quality, compassionate care to our patients through the course of their illness and end of life care. Our primary concern is always to treat our patients with dignity and respect. This commitment is just as important in our approach to the care of our patients after death. At Bolton hospice we feel we  have enhanced our care after death by carefully cooling the patient within the hospice bedroom environment.  We have found the Flexmort CoverCool systems have provided a simple and ideal means of doing this, allowing us to preserve the dignity and appearance of our patients.  This has allowed families to remain with their loved one for longer periods and has improved the family bereavement experience.  We feel we now have the time to complete respectful care after death and that patients can be removed to the funeral directors in a dignified way. We are confident that this system meets our needs and current guidelines for care after death.  
Leigh Vallance, CEO Bolton Hospice, UK
“The traditional absorbent pads we use are not very absorbent and this means we often use several pads to mop up body fluid. Furthermore, the pads don’t actually lock the fluid away so when we take the pad to the bin, it usually drips which then means we have the risk of contaminated body fluids on the floor (which is not good for infection control). The use of a more absorbent pad which does not drip is of considerable benefit to ourselves. We use the pads when we have to dress the wounds of deceased which could leak in coffins, we also use them for to rest heads of deceased in body storage units to stop leakage on trays etc."
Lee Dobinson, Mortuary Manager, Croydon Health Services NHS Trust
NHS"The CuddleCot is a remarkable product that allows parents to spend that extra special quality time with their baby & say goodbye when they are ready. What a wonderful invention! Thank you so much!"
Kingston Hospital NHS Trust, Jo Bull, Bereavement Midwife, Kingston Hospital NHS Trust, UK
SANDS2"The CuddleCot system is in use by our local hospital and we are now supplying them with a 2nd system so that the hospital can also offer the family the opportunity to take their baby home for a few days. The CuddleCot has been of huge benefit in helping them deal with their bereavement and allowing them to spend time with their baby. The CuddleCot is an essential piece of equipment for any organisation dealing with the passing of a baby."
"I did not have a refrigeration unit in my funeral home and after investigating alternatives, I decided to opt for the Covercool unit. Im very happy with the Covercool unit that I purchased and was able to put it to use almost immediately after its (speedy) delivery. The Covercool cooling unit is extremely easy to use and is easily stored - which was a large incentive for me. I would recommend this unit to any funeral director who does not currently have a refrigeration option on site"
Funeral Director, Ireland
"We ordered the the Flexmort cooling system after seeing it on display at the NFE exhibition. It was the solution to the problem that we have been grappling with for a long time - how to increase our cold storage capacity at busy times without tying up space all year round. Not only has the system met our needs, but we have also been extremely impressed by the after sales support that we have received - follow-up calls being made to ensure that we are satisfied with the system and how it was operating. We wouldn't have any hesitation in recommending the Flexmort system to any other funeral directors contemplating a purchase"
Funeral Director, UK
The CuddleCot is in regular use and has been used twice in just the last few days. Both the parents and the nurses were so pleased with the system and the the Nurse in Charge said it was "brilliant to have the cot as really helped the family". The nurses have all said the CuddleCot was easy to use and certainly gave more times to families and kept the babies very cool.
Esther Rose, PICU Family Liaison Nurse, Great Ormond Street Hospital
“We recently used the CadSeal system on a body which was very decomposed with maggots etc and usually a decomposing body would make our whole branch smell. We used the CadSeal system and once we heat sealed around the body there was no putrid smell at all and all leakage was kept within the CadSeal foil. This is such a simple and effective solution and we would recommend this system for anyone who deals with decomposed deceased."  
David Gauld, Funeral Services Ltd
"Simply fantastic and exceeded all our expectations. It preserved the body so well that the family were able to keep their daughter at home for the whole 7 days before the funeral." Click here
chYps, a UK Children and Young Person's hospice
Fingal CouncilThe Mortuary Dome plays a key part in our Regional Mass Fatality plans. All our local Gardaí (police), Firefighters, and Civil Defence volunteers  are trained in the setup of the equipment and we are able to deploy a large mortuary operation when required in a very short period of time. The Mortuary Dome is simple to set up and easy to transport and undoubtedly improves our ability to respond to situations with potentially high numbers of fatalities. ”
Cahir O’Byrne, Fingal County Council, Emergency Management Officer, Dublin, Ireland
"I think what you have done in developing this system is a wonderful thing and as painful as this is it does give parents like me some quality time with their precious baby, it certainly did for me"
C Hinkley, Jan 2012
"The response from parents who used the first few Cuddle Cot Systems was incredibly positive and so, within a few short months we were happy to provide eighteen 18 hospitals with the system...Our objective is to provide each hospital in the country with a Cuddle Cot." Read the full testimonial here
Brian Roche, Féileacáin (Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Association of Ireland – SANDAI)
We had a ColdSpace system fitted by Flexmort and are delighted with both the product and the service. We simply pull the curtain and we have an instant chilled space for the storage of the deceased. From start to finish the process and service was excellent. We are currently in the process of installing in two more locations where space has been an issue with refrigeration. I would highly recommend Flexmort.  
Amanda Woodward, General Manager – Funerals, Tamworth Co-operative Society Ltd
"Equipment like this enables us to provide a better service at such a difficult time" 
Amanda Cushing, Bereavement Support Midwife, Southend Hospital (as featured in The Look - Southend Hospital Newsletter, March 2012)
“I have been very impressed with Flexmort’s innovation and their ability to solve the problems of funeral  directors. Their products are new and always interesting and I have heard excellent feedback from NAFD members about their innovative systems.”
Alan Slater MBE, Chief Executive, NAFD (National Association of Funeral Directors – UK)
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