Advantages of Mortuary Fridges and Refrigerated Cabinets

A mortuary is used for storing the deceased that are awaiting identification, burial/ cremation and removal for autopsy. The storage of human corpses can last from a few hours to a few days and in rare cases a few weeks. That’s why to stop the corpses from decomposition, they need to be in a constant refrigerated environment.

Mortuary fridges create that environment for the deceased bodies. Almost all the modern health care facilities have a cold room with mortuary refrigerator in them. With the increasing use of these fridges, they have come up with many features that further enhance their usability in the mortuaries.

Types of Mortuary Fridges

Positive Temperature Fridges

In positive temperature cold chambers, the dead bodies are stored at temperatures ranging from 2°C to 4°C. Bodies are sometimes kept for many weeks, but these chambers don’t stop the decomposition in dead bodies. However, the rate of decomposition is slow when compared to the normal rate at room temperature.

Negative Temperature Fridges

In negative temperature of cold chambers, the dead bodies are stored at temperatures ranging from -10°C to -50 °C . These types of refrigerators are generally used in forensic institutes. The low temperature ensures that the body reaches the frozen state and the rate of decomposition is very low.

Refrigerated mortuary cabinets

Advantages of Mortuary Fridges

Give More Time

There are sometimes dead corpses that are unidentifiable and facilitates are needed to store them properly, so that they remain identifiable for longer. Mortuary refrigerators are the only solution to this problem.

Good for Surrounding Environment

Mortuary fridges don’t allow the pathogens to grow in the stored dead body. A silver ion anti-bacterial powder is added to the corpse when stored, which further protects the dead corpse from growth of any harmful bacteria. This prevents the spread of pathogens and bacteria in the surrounding environment of the dead body.

Better Temperature Control

There is a numerical code display in the mortuary refrigerators, which allows the users to accurately control the temperature inside the refrigerator. The latest technology used for the construction of these refrigerators ensure the inside temperature remains stable. Due to these features, the refrigerators offer more protection to the surrounding environment.

Better Management of Space

The mono structure designing of mortuary refrigerators ensures that the refrigerators take minimum floor space and give maximum space for storage. This design ensures that mortuary refrigerators are not bulky.


Mortuary refrigerators are built from stainless steel to ensure that the cleanliness in the mortuary is kept high. For proper insulation, polyurethane is used which further improves the life of the refrigerator. The use of a chromium handle on the door increases also the durability of the structure. Modern day mortuary refrigerators are manufactured based on modular designs and this improves the scalability of these refrigerators.

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Advantages of Mortuary Fridges and Refrigerated Cabinets

August 5, 2013

A mortuary is used for storing the deceased in a constant refrigerated environment. Discover the advantages of mortuary fridges.

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