Emily’s Gift Charity Race Day – “an emotional, but essential day”

In support of local Gloucestershire charity Emily’s Gift, the Flexmort team along with representatives of the Funeral profession, attended a charity Race Day event at Cheltenham Racecourse this week.

Emily’s gift aims to raise £500,000 to fund the employment of a psychologist for children having cancer treatment and their families on the Emily Kent Unit at the Gloucestershire Royal Hospital. The funds raised by Emily’s gift will secure the post for ten years. 

In addition to children in remission who need to be scanned regularly, there are currently over 30 children receiving cancer treatment in the Emily Kent Unit. A psychologist will help provide the professional emotional support that these children and their families desperately need.

“Psychology support is an integral part of care for children and families being treated for cancer”…“A psychologist provides essential support, helping families to understand the impact of a cancer diagnosis and working with them to manage challenges.” -Dr Christina Parfitt, Consultant paediatric Oncologist (Emily Kent Unit)

Mark Rose of the Flexmort team, described the day as “an emotional but essential day, in raising awareness of the importance of psychological support for children and their families. Supporting the important work of charities like Emily’s gift is integral to our commitment to transform the standards of care for families and healthcare professionals.”

To read more about Emily’s Gift visit: www.emilysgift.co.uk

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