Case Study: CadSeal Repatriation Foil for Funeral Director

We were approached by a funeral director asking for a means to safely recover and transport a body that was to come into their care after it had been undiscovered for some time.

We recommended the CadSeal repatriation foil which allows the dignified recovery and transportation of the deceased. CadSeal allowed our funeral director to 100% hermetically seal the deceased inside the special metal containment film.

CadSeal is a proven body containment product that creates an airtight seal around the body, reducing the risk to anyone handling the body. CadSeal allowed the funeral director to safely handle the deceased throughout the period where the deceased was in their care.

Cadseal body bag containing mannequin and being heat sealed

CadSeal is extensively used for repatriation as well as hygiene sealing. It is easy to use, the deceased is placed inside the foil envelope and the heat sealer is simply used to form the seal. CadSeal repatriation foil is tearproof and flexible.

Once sealed, the body can be moved in and out of refrigeration whilst protecting staff from any contamination risk. This has proved incredibly useful during the recent pandemic when moving deceased suspected to have been infected with COVID-19.

CadSeal can be safely cremated or incinerated. A deceased in CadSeal can be placed inside a coffin and a funeral service can be conducted with absolute confidence.

We provide CadSeal as individual pre-cut sheets or as entire rolls (75m, 25m). We can also provide a dispenser for the rolls along with the heat sealer and clamps.

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