Factors to Consider when Selecting a Body Storage Facility

The selection of an appropriate body storage facility for the deceased is stressful because there are numerous providers of this service in the market. These include hospitals, mortuaries, hospices and funeral homes. It is important to consider the following factors in the selection so that you can get quality services and value for money.

Accomodating any Body Size

The facility needs to be properly equipped with body cooling systems that can preserve any body size, including deceased new born babies and the aged. In the case of new born babies, it is desirable if the family is allowed time to view and spend time with the baby without compromising its preservation.

The size of the deceased should be accommodated because it is possible to search for a storage facility for an obese member of the family. The cooling mechanisms in place should be mobile to allow the viewing of the deceased’s body inside a coffin and conducting mass or final rites of passage.

Accommodating a Large Number of Deceased

It is also necessary for the facility to have enough capacity to accommodate a large number of bodies whose demise is brought about by catastrophic incidents like accidents, terrorist attacks and natural occurrences. The facility should be able to put up a facility quickly as catastrophes result to the demise of a lot of people at the same time.

CuddleBlanket cooling blanket on three coffins

Controlling Body Odours

It is common for bodies to emit fluids especially after post-mortem examinations and due to the nature of the human body. The facility selected should have mechanisms and devices such as pads to absorb bodily fluids to avoid messes that could disgust the bereaved.

There should also be proper techniques in place to ensure that there are minimal or no odours emitted by bodies due to the natural process of decomposition or inappropriate refrigeration. The facility for body storage should use products that control odours to ensure that visitors are not put off while viewing their deceased loved ones.

Identifying Body Parts

Due to rising cases of traumatic deaths that result to dismemberment of body parts, it is desirable if the body storage facility has in place proper body part identification methods so that the bereaved are assured that they handle body parts that belong to their departed beloved and not those of other unidentified individuals.

It is for this reason that the use of DNA and antibody profiling should be used where the body of a deceased individual arrives at the storage facility in separate parts. Antibody profiling is the latest technology in the market and has been used in forensics and in cases where identical twins are involved because it is more effective than DNA technology.

Offering Mobility Aids

The facility should also invest in mobility aids for bereaved family members who have difficulties walking around. This is to ensure that they too can be accommodated in the facility with ease in mourning the demise of their departed beloved ones.

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